Order your Handypiece now, and as well as your power pack, holster, and pouch, you'll receive the new 'Lister' as part of your kit. If you're ordering from Australia please contact your preferred local agricultural retailer to purchase your new Handypiece.

Specify if you would like your new Handypiece to be designed for left handed use or shearing, and we will especially design your Handypiece to suit your needs - at no extra cost!

    Kit includes:
  • 'Lister' based Handpiece
  • Lithium 12volt 10.5Ah battery pack & charger x1
  • and
  • 5m extension cable
  • Belt, holster & pouch
  • Screwdriver
  • Oil bottle
  • FREE heavy duty carry bag

TOTAL: $1550 ex GST (NZ)

NOTE - This does not include combs or cutters

Order an extra Lithium battery And get more life out of your Handypiece!

  • $225 ex GST

If you interested in purchasing our 240VAC/12VDC power supply for mains-powered operation

  • $190 ex GST

If you are a professional shearer for small lifestyle blocks etc, you may be interested in our customized pack

  • Please select the 'professional shearer' option down below

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