“ I’ve been a fat stock buyer for many years and I haven’t seen anything better than the Handypiece when it comes to a quick clean up of sheep before the truck arrives. I’ve even had clients in the back of a truck tidying a few lambs they missed” 

- Wayne Harding

"Barry only uses the Handypiece when out and about shearing sheep on lifestyle blocks around Auckland. Barry believes that in the past couple of years his Handypiece has taken the wool off 10,000 sheep. No issue with generators, or power cords."

- Barry Jones

"I've got several small blocks dotted around the place and most don't have power so this machine is perfect. I reckon every farmer in New Zealand should have one!"

- Aaron Corbett

"We trade around 30,000 lambs a year and find the handypiece perfect for whipping through mobs before they go on the truck."

- Andrew Managh

“We run 800 cows and have in the past used hand shears, so after first trialling what the opposition had on offer, I am impressed with the ease of using the Handypiece. It cut easily and the battery lasted for ages."

-Laura Barr

“Jay was one of our first customers in north eastern USA to use the Handypiece pro on Alpaca. He does 80 head a day exclusively with the Handypiece and loves it.”

- Jay Maraicher of Mariacher Shearing Services in Northeastern USA