Solid, robust, and reliable , Handypiece is built to last and to take the knocks. Moulded from steel and aluminium, it's sealed direct drive motor can’t be clogged or fouled by dust, dirt, or mud. Its tough, alloy switch box can be clipped to your belt, and features a auto reset fuse for overload or lock-up. All you do is switch off power, clear the issue then turn back on so you can quickly get back to your shearing, crutching, clipping, or dagging.

Handypiece operates on a low current draw from a Lithium Polymer 10.5 Ah battery. Depending on the condition of the sheep and how dirty they are this battery will operate the Handypiece so it will crutch between 200-300 sheep. The Handypiece's batteries are long-life, with an average of 80% capacity remaining after 1000 recharges. You can purchase additional batteries on request. Its 12-volt motor can be battery-back operated (when attached to a belt), or for continuous dagging, shearing or clipping cows tails the 5 meter extension cord can attached to your quad or farm vehicle.

Handypiece features a high torque, direct drive motor which creates minimal heat build up. It’s been proven, when used up to a 80% duty cycle, that no ventilation is required for cooling. Unlike the traditional electric sheep clippers, its sealed motor has no vents, so doesn’t get clogged or fouled by dirt, dust, or other debris. To setup the sweep of your cutter, simply place your screw driver into the slotted shaft at the rear of your Handypiece. By rotating the shaft it is easy to check the sweep of your cutter over the comb.

Based on the traditional shearing handpiece, Handypiece makes no compromises on toughness: it’s robust and durable, and has the added bonus of being lighter than a traditional handpiece. It is a sheep clipper that's easy to carry and operate on rugged and hilly terrain.

Slim-line in design, comfortable to hold, and well-balanced, the Handypiece is lightweight, and easier to operate than the wider traditional electric clippers. A thick and coiled flexi-cord, detachable from your belt: This reduces the chance of damaging the cord if it comes into contact with the comb, and enables the cord to easily detach from both belt and battery if it becomes tangled with the sheep. Gone are the days of having to lug out the back of the farm a big generator, cables and shearing plant. With an extra battery you will do a whole days crutching out the back of the farm. No need to push stock miles to the shearing shed. Less stress on stock and yourself not to mention your sheep dogs.

A well laid out switch box which clips to the leather belt enables the user easy access to the ON/OFF switch. The switch is located in a safe position on the side of the box to prevent accidental knocking of the switch when the user is bending over. Also the speed adjustment knob is safely surrounded by an alloy shield. This gives you sheep clippers and shearers that reduce your stress, and that don’t compromise the safety of either you or your sheep. A resettable fuse: This provides you with extra safety if your sheep clippers lock up, and is easily reset. Handypiece is an example of true farming innovation, dedicated to your farming safety and efficiency.