GONE are the days of removing your cows' tails to reduce the threat of milk contamination. The Handypiece is now an essential tool to be kept at the cowshed for tail trimming.

Here's what Max Houghton had to say about his experience with the Handypiece:

 "We have owned another tail trimmer that was difficult to use and required a lot of energy to operate. I contacted Dave from Handypiece and asked if there was a chance if we could borrow a demonstrator to try on our heifers. The result was black and white. The Handypiece was very easy to operate: quiet, quick and it didn't matter if the tails were a matted mess. We did all our Heifers [about 150] and the battery was still going strong. Dave said he has had farmers get 300 cows trimmed on one battery charge. The other nice thing is that because the Handypiece uses standard sheep combs we could sharpen the blades on an old shearing grinder which is just down the road. We also have a couple of sheep running around the house so I can also keep them cleaned up"

The Handypiece is now well established worldwide in the sheep-care industry. Many farmers have described the Handypiece as "the Handiest thing you can have on a farm". Being designed around a traditional handpiece means it is slim to hold and being 12 volt means you can take it anywhere on the farm. It's perfect for keeping in your vehicle in times of fly strike but its main use is butting sheep up a race. Handypiece has a comprehensive website at handypiece.co.nz Come and see for yourself what the Handypiece can do for you at Agbits site H67, Mystery Creek.