SHEEP prices keep rising and, according to Dave Short from Handypiece Holdings, it's about time. "Finally farmers are getting the sort of money for their sheep they truly deserve," he said. The spin off from that is now farmers are happy to invest in quality capital farm equipment like the Handypiece to keep their stock clean and healthy, Mr Short said.

Since winning the major award for innovation at Sheepvention 2009, about I 000 Handypieces have been sold in Australia and New Zealand. Handypiece again found success in 2010, this time for the best improvement for equipment used for wool harvesting and shearing.

Mr Short said the award was a result of development surrounding purpose-designed Lithium batteries, which would be sold as an optional extra. Designed around a traditional handpiece means it's slim to hold and, being 12 volts, means farmers can take it anywhere on the farm.

"It's perfect for keeping in your vehicle in times of fly strike but its main use is butting sheep up a race."

The Handypiece has a sealed 12-volt electric motor-direct drive, attached to the back, which has the added advantage of being able to be used in the wet. This is unlike all other portable electric clippers that run a high speed motor through a gear box, which creates heat from friction and wear as the gears work together. Although suited to lifestyle and small block holders, Mr Short said 95 per cent of Handypiece sales have been to large scale farmers.

The rechargeable 7 Ah battery will provide enough power for about 120 sheep crutchings.

"There are two batteries in the kit so you can get up to 240 sheep depending on how dirty they are.

"After that you have the option of plugging in the five metre extension cord to your quad, ute or other 12v supply."

The Handypiece has a reset fuse for overload or lockup. The kit also comes with a battery charger, belt,  holster and pouch all made from heavy duty leather, completed with a purposely designed carry bag. Following the closure of the Supershear (Sunbeam) factory in Australia, Handypiece Holdings Ltd has secured a supply of quality Lister Handpieces, which in turn will become the new green Handypiece kit.


Source: The Land