Gone are the days of having to drag all your sheep across the board to clean up.

Here's what Andrew Managh of Ratanui Farms had to say about the Handypiece; "We trade up to 30,000 lambs annually. Initially when we purchased our first Handypiece four years ago and I imagined that we would mainly use it for chasing fly strike around the farm which it was perfect for. As time progressed we found ourselves using it more and more for tiding up sheep before shearing and before they went to market," Mr Managh said.

"Now because of the usefulness Handypiece we have totally changed a major part of our farming operation. We built a second race beside our main drenching race and now that enable us to have two Handypiece operators bunging lambs before they go on the truck. There is less stress and damage to the animals plus it means we don't have to get the stock in twice"

Another sector of the market who have taken to using the Handypiece is stud farmers. Rams and big sheep are far more content to stand in a race while being cleaned up rather than getting turned over on their backs. Often rams are too big to drag.

The Handypiece kit comes with handpiece, lithium battery, charger, belt, holster and pouch all made from heavy duty leather, five meter extension cord, screw driver, oil bottle completed with a purposely designed carry bag.

Come and see for yourself what the Handypiece can do for you in the "Inventions Marquee" at the Hamilton Sheepvention or for more information call 1800 053 643