ONE year on after the launch of the new Handypiece Pro sees it described as the best tool on the farm and in demand nationwide and internationally. It is now more powerful, lighter to hold with adjustable speed to suit all situations. Fly by wire shearing is now a reality with the new Handypiece Pro. Now 100 grams lighter than a standard handpiece with power to bum. The Handypiece Pro utilises powerful brushless motor technology, resulting in no more heat build-up than you get from a traditional wall powered plant.

Finally the Alpaca shearers will be able to use a traditional handpiece that is slim to hold but now with the speed that they can reduce to the same as a clipper. The Handypiece Pro has the added feature of variable speed from 2400 - 3500rpm. Dagging, crutching and trimming cows tails operate well at about mid speed of2700 rpm, while anyone wanting to get a nice cut while shearing can wind it all of the way up to 3500rpm. A new motor now means the battery lasts even longer as it is possible to crutch up to 350-400 sheep from one charge.


The Handypiece team's focus is to make life easier, simpler and time efficient for all farmers. Lifestyle farmers can treat flystrike and clean up their stock as often as they like. Large scale farmers can use the Handypiece in satellite yards, or dag up the race without taking stock back to the wool shed. Trimming cow's tails is quick and stress-free - NO more scissors or blisters! TB testing on deer is quiet and simple with vets using the Handypiece regularly. Alpaca shearers are finding the Handypiece nice and slim to hold with less maintenance required.

Feedback has been fantastically rewarding. Customers now feel that the power of the Handypiece Pro is equal to any mains powered unit. The Handypiece team find their best marketing success is via people borrowing their neighbours or family members Handypiece Pro and trying it for themselves.

The kit also comes with a lithium battery, battery charger, belt, holster and pouch all made from heavy duty leather, five metre extension cord, completed with a purposely designed carry bag.

Handypiece has a comprehensive web site at where it is possible to see several video clips of the Handypiece getting used in different applications. See the Handypiece Pro in action at in the Inventions Marquee at Hamilton's Sheepvention or for more information call 1800 053 643.

Source: The Spectator