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Clipping Cows Tails

Is this You?

  • Do you want a durable and reliable crutching and shearing tool?
  • Could you do with a portable shearing handpiece that’s perfect for shearing, crutching, and dagging?
  • Are you looking for a great piece of Kiwi innovation to make your farming more efficient?
  • Would you like shearing equipment that’s easy to use and guaranteed to last?

Do you get fly strike?

Don't let your sheep suffer - clean up on the spot, anywhere, anytime, with Handypiece!

Portable and electric sheep shears that are safe, durable, and made from steel 

Handypiece: the high-quality, low-cost shearing tool for the shearing, dagging, butting, and crutching of sheep and other animals.
This portable shearing handpiece is proven: designed, developed, tested, and used by a farmer, on the farm, for farmers. There's no better recommendation than that.

Customisable, and portable shearing handpiece for easier farming

Designed especially for the everyday farmer, these portable and electric sheep shears are stress-free, easy to use, and able to be customised.

Shear brilliance: New Zealand's award- winning portable crutching and shearing handpiece

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