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Don't let your sheep suffer - clean up on the spot, anywhere, anytime, with Handypiece!

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The Handypiece limited
1 year warranty

Any shearing handpiece is regularly used in environments that are rugged and demanding – that’s why Handypiece is designed to last and endure.

Handypiece comes with a limited 1 year warranty. To keep your Handypiece a high performing and efficient portable shearer, like any tool it must be set up properly and regularly maintained.
Shear brilliance: New Zealand’s
award-winning portable crutching and
shearing handpiece

Portable electric
sheep shears:
designed by a farmer for farmers

Handypiece: the high-quality, low-cost shearing tool for the shearing, dagging, butting, and crutching of sheep and other animals.

This portable shearing handpiece is proven: designed, developed, tested, and used by a farmer, on the farm, for farmers. There’s no better recommendation than that.

Do away with the effort and expense of setting up a sheep-handling systems with Handypiece!
Customisable, and portable shearing handpiece for easier

Designed especially for the everyday farmer, these portable and electric sheep shears are stress-free, easy to use, and able to be customised.

Do away with the need to take your animals to your shearing shed - bring your new Handypiece to them! Decrease the risk of poor animal health by being able to shear, crutch and clip on the spot.

Powered by quality long-life Lithium batterery, Handypiece is the ultimate tool for shearing, crutching and dagging.
Portable and electric sheep shears that’re safe, durable, and made from steel

Handypiece is made to withstand the most rugged of environments.

Made from steel, aluminium, and built with a fully sealed, direct drive motor that requires no ventilation for cooling, Handypiece is designed to achieve maximum quality and maximum endurance.

With a long lasting battery, flexible cord, an easy to use design, and a 1 year guarantee you'll get all round peace of mind with Handypiece!
Take a load off! Get your Handypiece today

You really will be amazed at the difference these portable electric sheep shears make to your day on the farm.

Order your Handypiece now, and as well as a handpiece, power pack, holster, and pouch you'll receive a FREE heavy duty carry bag!

Dagging and Crutching

Shearing with Handypiece
Clipping Cows Tails
Clipping Cows Tails with Handypiece

For more information, call 0800 4 SHEARING (0800 4 74327) or free phone Australia 1-800 053 643
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