Introducing the new Lister based Handypiece Pro

Order your Handypiece now, and as well as your power pack, holster, and pouch, you'll receive the new 'Lister' as part of your kit. If you're ordering from Australia please contact your pereferred local agricultural retailer to purchase your new Handypiece.






Would you like to customise your Handypiece to complement the way you work?

Specify if you would like your new Handypiece to be designed for left handed use or shearing, and we will especially design your Handypiece to suit your needs - at no extra cost!


What you get in the full kit:

  • 'Lister' based Handpiece
  • 5m extension cable
  • Lithium 12volt 10.5Ah battery pack & charger x1
  • Belt, holster & pouch
  • Screwdriver
  • Oil bottle
  • FREE heavy duty carry bag

  • TOTAL: $1390 ex GST ( NZ & Aus) NOTE - This does not include combs or cutters
Order an extra Lithium battery And get more life out of your Handypiece
  • $210 ex GST
If you interested in purchasing our 240VDC/12VAC inverter as well
  • $190 ex GST

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Buy with Confidence

The Handypiece limited 1 year warranty

Any shearing handpiece is regularly used in environments that are rugged and demanding – that’s why Handypiece is designed to last and endure.

Handypiece comes with a limited 1 year warranty. To keep your Handypiece a high performing and efficient portable shearer, like any tool it must be set up properly and regularly maintained.