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Crutching and Shearing "On the go"

Beyond the bale - AWI quarterly magazine.

Handypiece popular

Central districts Farmer

"I saw a need for people to be using their traditional mechanical hand-piece as a portable unit".

Handy Handypiece wins scholarship

"It's great for the lifestyle farmer or someone who has 100 lambs to crutch in the corner of the yard".

Handypiece of shearing gear

Weekly times now

August 10, 2009

"The first tradtional shearing handypiece that is battery operated, hangs in a small sling on a belt, and can be taken out in the yards or paddocks, has hit the Australian market!"

New design wins award

"Farmers can use it if they find a fly-blown sheep on the paddock, or they can dag lambs in a yard at the back of the farm".

Sheep farmer's sold on mobile hand pieces

"The inspiration to design and produce a portable hand piece occurred when...."

Mother's of fieldday invention

Manawatu Standard

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"What grabbed the farmer's is the flexibility of the Handypiece, which can be used with a belt battery, or attached to the quad battery, anywhere on the farm".

Sharp idea fills gap in shearing market

HB Country Scene

July 2006

"Slim and comfortable to hold and operate, cost effective and waterproof".